T19 × How I Roll Chrome W/T19 Bespoke SDG...

Teenineteen × How i Roll chrome color near sold out is changed to SDG BEL-AIR with T19 bespoke! Originally attached to the finished car is made of plastic It's a little hard and hard to sit down inside ... There should be some people. I tried to eliminate that trouble while making it cooler :)
I'm addicted to it because I'm matching with Tonine teen. There is also a burger tank, so One that can be seen when you are parked. Until a few years ago, SDG, which produces only seats, was produced in the United States, but now it is produced in Taiwan and it is for completion. This time, we reprinted the US -made logo with T19 bespoke. The position of the side cutting stitch is also the specifications at that time. It's perfect for a classic style How I Roll. T19 X SDG USA ¥ 9,870
In addition, this How I Roll has a wheel size of 24 inches. It is about two larger than normal BMX. So I'm going to go smooth! It is a highly recommended one for those who only ride a short distance. There are two chrome colors left! If you are considering it, be as soon as possible. T19 × How I Roll Chrome ¥77,700- 4$
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