Maintenance essentials

Started with high -performance oil for bicycles, tune -up bearings, etc. After a professional shop to repair and tune all kinds of bicycles A brand that has supported the industry as a current high -quality chemical product manufacturer
"BORED" Thorough commitment to manufacturing and stoic attitude toward technology, The reliability and popularity of the supported riders and dealers will be a mechanic as a mechanic.
The Osaka store has selected 2 lines and 3 types of products from the BORED.
First of all, the line dealing with oil
"BORED METHOD"Three types of oils are available from First
"Light Duty" ¥ 2,400 (tax included) The lowest viscosity oil in the lineup. Orange color is a landmark. An oil that realizes lubricating while suppressing "splattering", which tends to be a smooth oil from other manufacturers. Even though the viscosity is low, it forms a firm oil film, so it is recommended for places that require rotation and lubricity such as chains. The second
"BSLR (BS Er Earl)" ¥ 2,800 (tax included) This red oil is exactly the synonym for BORED. High -performance versatile type medium viscosity type assuming any use. A dream -like oil that suppresses the resistance due to viscosity while forming a solid rust prevention (rust prevention) and an oil film formation. It is a masterpiece that BORED has been making since the opening of the business, but has repeatedly updated. It is a really balanced all -purpose oil, from assembly to chain lubrication, bicycle and skating bearing lubrication, rust prevention, etc.
One of the last one is the outdoor pro duct of BORED
"BORED VITAL"From here
"WR (Double Earl)" ¥ 1,600 (tax included) WR with the initials of Water Resistant. Water repellent mist that can be used from clothing, shoes, bags and tents, synthetic fibers to leather fibers. Since it is "water -repellent" instead of "waterproof", it protects the target firmly from water and dirt. Immediately after its release, it is a product that caused a great response at various dealers. It can be used not only for bicycles, but also for every item such as sneakers and bags that you wear everyday.
The high quality of the BORED product can be realized if you actually use it. A chain where the sound is gone, a bearing that does not stop rotating, and a metal that eliminates rust. Please see by all means.
You can also teach specification methods such as how to insert oil at the time of purchase, so if you do not know, please ask. In addition, the chemicals introduced are available at all stores, so please contact the nearby Brotures. BROTURES OSAKA 06-4391-3313 03-6804-3115 045-413-7875 0422-27-6155 BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
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