Runability I felt in San Francisco

I went to the United States last week.
For the first time in my life, I went to San Francisco, a sacred place for fixes. What I felt when I ran live in the city of San Francisco "This is not suitable for the piste."was. Seeing and listening in photos. I knew, but the slope beyond imagination and the crack of the asphalt that suddenly appeared. An environment that is harsher than expected. I can't run as in Japan. Isn't there a cruise in this city? If you can't always repeat dancing and skids, you can go to heaven instead of reaching your destination. Even Fujimoto, who was praised as "The Man", couldn't overcome muscle pain and fear. Of course there is a local fixie ride. After all everyone is good at riding. Some girls were running with no brakes. I am regrettable and enviable. I thought that a legend called Mash was born because of this environment. And how can I run this city? What kind of bike would be better? I thought like that and assembled today's custom bike.
If it's LA, I feel like Leader looks good, but if it's a science fiction, I want to straddle a more art -like frame.CINELLI TUTTO。 L think it is good? The science fiction has a bike lane, and the road width is relatively wide, and the traffic volume is reasonable. If,Wide barI think it is very effective for riding that uses a lot of skids and dancing. Supporting itThomson。 HubPhilwood。 This combination was mostly locally. Both are tough brands of Made in USA. I think it's an example. Wouldn't it be nice to cover the vibration coming from the rough road with tires and saddles? I think the tires should be 25C or more. 28c if the frame allows. You can see why Landner is supported. I think the saddle is better than racing. A sense of security rather than lightness. I learned the importance of running performance to get to the destination safely. You should also attach the brake. smile Junki → Click here for inquiries ← 06-4391-3313
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