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To be honest, I think many people are worried about BMX. It became an official Olympic competition. But it's the first BMX. I don't feel like I can trick in earnest. I like looks, but is it easy to use everyday? Here is one recommended one for those who have such troubles.
SUBROSA SALVADOR 26 ¥ 68,000 (+tax) It's a so -called cruiser BMX. The wheel size is 26 inches and is larger than the BMX for the competition, so there is no problem with the running performance of the city. (The brakes before and after are also included.) The 26 -inch cruiser that can run firmly with a relaxed position is perfect for second bikes because you can ride casually. Chic gloss black is easy to customize in the future. Moreover, chromoly is firmly used for forks with large frames and loads. I want BMX but I don't do tricks. But it's not cool with mamachari. I don't ask a lot, but it's not fun if it's the same as everyone. It is a donpisha one in such a gap. If you consider bicycles as part of fashion, this kind of bike may be just right. TOSHI
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