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Today, we will introduce several items that recently arrived at Kichijoji store.
DEDA DABAR ¥ 21,400- (excluding tax) →¥ 12,000- (excluding tax) Needless to say, a carbon blur horn. I have it, and I'm sure everyone in each store will have or use it. A nice guy that reduces the damage to the palm of the hand as well as its weight.
FOCALE 44 Track Handle ¥ 6,000- (excluding tax) The track drop handle of FOCALE 44 (focal 44), which is based in France. A chromoly handle that is hard to see with the stem and handle that seems to be this manufacturer.
CINELLI MASH BULL HORN ¥ 17,500- (excluding tax) →¥ 14,500- (excluding tax) Pisto group from science fiction"Mash"and"Cinelli"Double name handle of. As with crushing the grip, the Mash logo again is also a rather cool gem. Honestly, if you use it, I think you will ride without winding the bar tape. I can't see the logo. smile This is a beautiful condition, so it may not be much discounted.
Leader i806TR CARBON FORK ¥ 38,000- (excluding tax) →¥ 30,000- (excluding tax) yeah? What is the collo stick? It's not a stick, it's a full carbon fork of Leader. These two that extended from the frame sandwiched between the front wheelsrodIt's a sexy two legs. This is actually a new product brought in. The column is also a no -cut, so it's quite valuable, and you want to customize your car.
After that, it is not exposed so much because it is hidden by the shadow of completed cars and wheels, but it is in stock from hub, cog and stem. I guess the hub is a lot of stock now. PopularPHIL WOODStarted withDT-SwissAndDura-AceThere are various things. It's about time to get a hand -set wheel ... If you're thinking, let's get it at a great deal! There are many small parts so I will update it as needed if I take it again ◎ Then we are waiting at the store today! Kazama << Large SALE is being implemented from 11/23 to November 24 !!
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