Affinity Kissena Custom X2

AFFINITY CYCLES Kissena Framest ¥ 123,000-

“Kissena/Kissina”Win in the United States and overseas track races, and in Brooklyn, FIXED GEAR BIKE Only Hard Core Cryiterium Red Hook Crit, Six Day Races (6 consecutive days harsh races) and UCI World Championships. It is an aluminum aero track frame of the flagship model that made the name of AFFINITY CYCLES famous, who has won the victory in a row.
Affinity Cycles Kissena, a customer in charge of Fujimoto, was cool. SteeringThomsonIn addition, the handleCarbon CX。 The crank isRinpochAnd the wheelDT Swiss on F rimCombination of. The gear ratio is also set for a little weight, and it will start running with criterium. Absolutely fast, right? Finished in a bike with a rigid atmosphere.
If that is the crit style, I propose Strebunbun style. WheelsF35。 A lighter and smarter rim even if it is not as rigid as F55. The style of matching with the side skin tires is my 18th. The crank is a good cospaMICHE
I wrote Toshi yesterday, but the stemThomson X4But I feel like it. 100mm protruding, angle 0 °. The handle to matchNitto for Shred Bar。 Please do it with a wide handle and skid. By the way, this custom is ¥ 363,5000-. Kissena's bike order should be consulted from 220,000 yen.

Kissena feels like a monster frame that swallows any style, such as handle or wheels.

That should be it. The frame set consists of the highest level of 7005 aluminum pipe frames used in aircraft and the like, and a carbon blade fork for 1/8 inch inlet tracks for an aluminum steering column. The integrated sheet tube also creates unparalleled strength and stability, and changes the power of the rider into propulsion without loss, and the triangular rear triangle and the characteristic sheet tube licking is tight. The wheelbase and wheel position are possible.I think it is the frame with the best ability in the Brotures lineup.
Honestly, we are surprised that there are so many reactions last month since we restocked for the first time in a few years. Actually, the stock is quite thin, and there is no color left out of the five colors. Among them, Green, which I introduced today, is very popular and is already sold out. We have only M size hidden, so if you are looking for it, pleaseBy the way, the next arrival schedule is undecided.It is a rumor that it will not come in until May next year. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible. Feel free to order a motorcycle or change the frame. Thank you for Affinity Kissena like that. Junki → Click here for inquiries ← 06-4391-3313
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