Rare motorcycle special feature for heaven

I want a different chari from a person. Because it is a demon. Fortunately, the piste bike is a free vehicle, so you can express your personality depending on the custom. You can make a bicycle with different properties even with the same frame. However, it is true that even the frame does not want to wear it as much as possible. Please buy B item on purpose. That's why today without performance properties

Rare frame best 3 (Junkuki investigation)

Let's go 3rd place!

3rd place Cinelli Mash Parallax

Frame Set ¥ 108,000- According to my survey, the third place is surprisingly and surprisingly, and suddenly the big name appears. As with the black and white and charcoal models of the previous work, Parallax tends to hide in the shadows of the front models such as Bolt and Histograph even in the same CINELLIMASH. In particular, white/blue, which is the current color, is a model with extremely small sales, probably because of the cleanliness that sets it apart from the dirty image of Mash. It may be that the agency has changed during the debut. No, it's cool. Our staff are on board. It is one of the most speed frames. Since the production has already been discontinued, it is a frame that can be brag about as much as you ride as you ride.Click here for past articles


FrameSet ¥ 82,000- The second place is a pretty maniac frame. It is an original frame of NABIIS shop, which is located in Taipei, the center of the world's bicycle industry. The graphic with a pretty bad atmosphere is a nice frame, but there are probably only three coming in Japan. It is a very rare frame. The price is conscientious because the production base is near. Impression that is made at the top with a ride that is not too hard. It is a frame that I would like to recommend for those who are starting a piste bike.Click here for past articles

First place maqli Tokyo

FrameSet ¥ 160,000- The first place from Junki's research is the high -end frame of handmade in Japan. It is a chromoly frame produced by Tsuruoka racing, which has the top welding technology in Japan. Tsuruoka Racing manufactures NJS certified "Bomber Pro". It is a luxurious one using chromoly jubbing of Kaysei with one few builders that can make bicycle racing frames. Originally, it is a frame with extremely small production due to semi -order sales method. The lag specifications are also different. I bought one about two months ago, but I haven't been to my bride yet, so I think it's probably not running in Osaka yet. Unlike the bicycle race frame, the brake hole is fully equipped, so it is good that it is not annoying.Click here for past articles The three models introduced today are on display at the store, so please come and see them. Today, I sent a rare frame special feature today by Junki. This time new workVigorelliorTuttoThe frame of the topic is not eligible now, but I think this is also the aiming frame for the hood like me. Junki → Click here for inquiries ← osaka@brotures.com 06-4391-3313
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