That's it! ! Let's get on the piste! !

Hello! ! Why is a fixie bike fun on today's blog? ? I want to write about! Even so, in my case, I will definitely go to the trick, but ... I have a personal opinion, but the best pleasure of a fixie bike is "a sense of unity because it is a fixed gear!" ← This is a quote! ! Fortunately, recent piste bikes have both free gear and fixed gear, so I'm glad if you are not good at fixing and are scared! ! But but! ! ! ! ! ! ! If you ride a fixie bike, I want you to ride with a fixed gear! ! That's my true feeling! ! You may not get used to fixed gear at first, but once you get on it, you will be able to ride at all! (Even women can easily ride) If you are told what a fixed gear is good, you can row early and late with your own feet, and you can feel like a bicycle and a heart! I think this is a feeling that only people who have been riding can understand! ! First, once! Please ride! ! For that purpose, BROTURES stores have test rides, so please feel free to ride! ! And here is the main subject ... As I said at the beginning, the fun of the fixie bike is not just running. It's a bicycle where you can do tricks! ! ! Have you heard of it? If you run, it's quick, it looks cool, and you can trick like BMX! ! ! ! ! That is "Pistebike (also known as Fixed Bike, Fixie, Fixed Gear)"! ! And my favorite trick is wheelie (running while floating the front wheels), This is also a floating feeling, different from wheelie on other bicycles! ! It is also a trick that can only be fixed! ! And the next trick to introduce is the real pleasure! ! When you ride a fixie bike, it is the first trick to learn and plays the role of the brake. yes! The name of the trick is "Skid"! Once you get used to it, you can angle the angle right next to it, or rotate 180 degrees and row behind! ! It's a fun bicycle that you can play in various ways like this! ! If you are considering a piste bike from now on, please ride with "fixed gear"! ! You will always be obsessed with its charm! ! The Osaka store also offers a lecture on a fixie trick. Please feel free to speak! ! ! Ayumu.
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12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)