There is a rare item.

Good evening. Regulars and friends who often look at blogs say, "I don't want to write a blog only for wheels." I will write a wheel blog today without changing. First of all, the wheels we assembled at the request of our customers. F-55 x PHIL PRO Track Hub
I think the wheels are the highest specifications of the recently assembled wheels.
The hub uses PHIL PRO Track. A carbo night bearing with excellent rotation for the flange, with a round florch and outstanding rotation for the bearing. SAPIM CX-Ray without regret spokes. I am willing to satisfy the conditions of "good wheels" I think. The customer's custom customers also said, "It's pretty good," and I was satisfied with the words. Introducing the "rare item" in the title. F-35 x PHIL SMALL FLANGE HUB Front ¥ 82,000- Rear ¥ 86,440-
What is a rare item"Hub"
The hub released from PHIL has a large flange and small flange. The flange is that there is a hole to pass through the spoke as shown in the image above. Usually, PHIL's small flange hub sells 32 holes. But the hub introduced this time20Hand24H。 In Japan, if it is a large flange hub, it is easy to get unexpectedly other than 32 holes. However, small flanges do not go so, and basically orders to PHIL. The delivery date is 6 months or so, so it is not that you can not get it, but it takes time to get it. In that sense, "rare goods" To be honest, I think this rare is hard to convey, but it is something that can be transmitted to those who transmit it. If you are using a small PHIL, you've never seen a custom car with this hole. So I wanted to use it like this if I used it, so I made it a wheel shape. This hub is only one set, so if you are worried, it is good to come immediately. PHIL SMALL FLANGE HUB SIL 20H FRONT ¥ 26,800- PHIL SMALL FLANGE HUB SIL 24h Rear ¥ 29,800- I haven't mentioned much this time, but the F rim used is likely to be in stock soon. There are many products that satisfy "hand assembly", "originality", "carbon", "cost performance", etc. Please consider when custom. F-35 RIM ¥ 45,000- F-55 RIM ¥ 45,000- There is also a glue pride after a long absence on the weekend. Please participate in the last glue pride of the year. Fuji
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