Recent Osaka is a raging assembly order.

Hello, this is Toriyama.

In the recent Osaka, we have received an unprecedented wheel composition order.

And the other day, the popular carbon rim "f" arrived.

The number of orders this time is a threatening number of more than 80 pieces in total, and the surprise cannot be hidden.

We will assemble it in the future, so please wait a little more!

Today, I would like to introduce the guys that stand out in the order and introduce the rims and hubs that can be reached at the Osaka store.

Brotures Original "F" Rim UD/25mm High

I really like this.

Although it is a carbon but a thin rim, it is a wide rim, so you can make thick tires.

UD is the simplest look without a pattern, so it looks great on the classic iron frame.


This is terrible.

The 12K looks like a plaid and shines glaring with light adjustment.

With this rim hat, rigidity is terribly high. Still, it has a fairly light finish of 530g.

Brotures Original "F" Rim Marble/40mm High

A new coloring marble this time.

This is a color that we did not regret because we did not understand the finish, so we did not regret it.

So this is what Narumi ordered. To be honest, it's cool.

The patterns that have become Moyamoya are unprecedented looks, so I will introduce them in detail once they are assembled.

And the introduction of F rim looks like this.

The standard size 35mm and 55mm/32 holes were restocked at the store.

If you want to order now, please contact us for this size.

In addition, an order meeting is scheduled to be held, so those who are worried by then also to solidify the image.

If you can consult us, we will make a proposal.

The 32 -hole system is still quite moist.

There are also popular PHILWOOD and PAUL at the store, so I would like you to order with F rim.

PHILWOOD High Frange Track Hub Silver Front ¥ 28,380-Intax, Rear ¥ 31,680-INTAX

PHILWOOD High Frange Track Hub Black Front ¥ 30,580-Intax, Rear ¥ 33,880-INTAX

PHILWOOD look Track Hub Silver Front ¥ 27,280-INTAX, Rear ¥ 30,580-INTAX

PHILWOOD LOW FRACE Track Hub Purple Front ¥ 32,780-INTAX


It's a stable hub. The highly durable and well -turned hub and the wheel -set Fujimoto is also my favorite hub.

In addition to regular black and silver, purple loofrange can be prepared immediately.

Paul Components High Frunge Hub Black/Silver Front ¥ 26,180, Rear 28,380-INTAX

This is also a popular manufacturer. High quality component of Made in U.S.A.

Equipped with ENDURO high -rotation bearing, it will be a considerable high rotation hub.

Even if the bearing is laid back, it will be possible to replace it, so it can be used for a long time.

As a bonus, a brand called H Plus Son, a popular aluminum rim in Broturs.

It is an overwhelmingly accurate rim among affordable rims, but it is too popular and the manufacturer is in stock at all.

Above all, "AT-25", "SL-42", and "SV-43" are already small.

If you have a rim in this, please contact us in a hurry.

I don't know when the next arrival will be.

The wheel set in Osaka has been received for about a month since the order.

Thank you.

You will have a little time, but if you want to assemble it, please contact us.


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