Gloves are limited to warm.

It's cold. I can't ride a chari without a glove.
ST-LINE has released gloves in collaboration this season, and has been a long-standing brand as a classic glove for several years. The collaboration gloves are nearly sold out, so if you are aiming, you can hurry.

Just a glove of Nami cannot be over winter.

What I want in gloves is "warmth" The new model of ST-LINE was taken out,G-Class
It is the warmest model in the ST-LINE lineup. Actually, it is a gloves for snowboarding, so I am good at this kind of thing. The grip power is also ◯ because the inside is firmly applied to the inside. Above all, it's fashionable. In fact, there aren't many gloves that can protect you so cold and have grip. Bicycle gloves are made according to roads and MTB standards, so Yubisaki's operability is emphasized. After all it is not enough when it comes to cold. With this G-Class, the cold protection is perfect,It seems to be used every day because it is a simple design that is similar to everyday clothes. 9500 yen Purchase one without telling the bride (*'*`*) Junki → Click here for inquiries ← 06-4391-3313
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