BROTURES collaboration series is summarized.

Hello. It is Kazama. If you look inside the store, the collaboration has increased ... That's why I reviewed the BROTURES collaboration items that are handled at the store now. Introduced just from the one just released today. Brotures Black Nut.
PRICE. ¥ 800- (+tax) Black aluminum nut with a completely limited production. Because it is made of steel, it is a fierce riding. It is indispensable for dressing up at your feet. As soon as each store is sold out, purchase as soon as possible.
Price. ¥ 8,000- (+Tax) The quality of YNOT products produced in Canada is different from other quality. Not only the strength of the fabric, but also the stress of attaching and detaching is reduced, giving a strong hold feeling that is not common in other pedal straps. A highly fashionable brand image that also produces bags is also ◎ The printed BROTURES logo has a reflective specification. The strap that shines illuminated by the headlights of the night road is a cool dish that keeps spinning.
Price. ¥ 8,000- (+Tax) "ST-LINE" in which tough BMX riders and skaters incorporate real voices This collaboration model, color is black that matches any lifestyle. The traditional "BROTURES" logo is treated on the knuckle except the thumb. And smartphone touch that can respond to contacts from friends without taking gloves. It's nice to be sober that you don't have to panic when waiting for a traffic light or incoming call.
So far, this is the collaboration series currently available at BROTURES stores. Maybe we can introduce new collaboration products in the head of next year? I will announce it later. The product described above is actually handled at the store, so please try it when you come. Of course, you can also order by phone or email, so please feel free to tell us. Kazama [BROTURES OUTLET (Kichijoji) Doyun]
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