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Speaking of the biggest feature of fixie bikes, ・ Single gear without a transmission ・ Fixed gear It will be two points. The lack of a transmission means that the weight of pedaling cannot be changed while driving. The important thing is the "gear ratio". This indicates "how many rotations the rear wheel rotation when the pedal is turned one rotation" is "number of teeth in the chainring / number of cogs = gear ratio". For example, in the case of a chain ring (48t), a cog (16T), → 48 ÷ 16 = "3.00", and when the pedal is turned once, the rear wheels are perfectly 3 turns.
Even if you feel the same gear ratio, you will find the best gear ratio for you, so you will start dating a fixie bike. The gear ratio of general city riding is about 2.7-3.1, but if the gear ratio is too large for your leg strength, it is not enough even if it is too small. It's important to find the right gear ratio for yourself. And the fixing gear of the fist is a typical trick skid. I think many people practice from this trick. If you know at that time, you will get the word "skid point".
This indicates "How many tires can be cut when skids at the same pedal position?" The more skid points, the more you consume the tires, so you can use the life of the tires as much as you want. In other words, it is better to simply have a skid point. By the way, the lower the gear ratio, the easier it is to make tricks such as skids with less power. If it is too low, it will be difficult to ride the city, so please find a good salt plum. In addition, if the chain ring and cog accuracy are high, you may feel casually feeling even with the same gear ratio. I recommendSuginoandEURO ASIACombination of. I don't know what is difficult! If we can tell us only the nuances, we will match it perfectly. Please feel free to contact us. TOSHI
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