I want to see more details of Kagero!

Kagero was newly released from Tyrant Bikes, which was launched as a high -end line of Leader Bikes. We have received a response from the announcement of the release! We hope you will see it with your eyes because it is in stock at the store immediately. Did you know that Kagero, which was renewed before that, has evolved into something similar to the conventional one? Today I will show you a part of it.
Tyrant Bikes Kagero Frame Set ¥ 120,000- (+Tax) / Bike Order ¥ 205,000- (+Tax) Is the change you feel first the fork? Full carbon fork is standard equipment from this model.
The conventional mixed fork between aluminum and carbon is about 600g, and the full carbon fork is about 300g. The weight of the fork is halved. This will give you a quick handling, smooth rowing, and an advantage on the uphill. Even if it is a price, the full carbon fork costs ¥ 38,000 separately, so this is pretty good. 。 And the frame has been reviewed by tubing and is even lighter. The impression of Kagero's unique structure is still alive. But light. It feels a little strange just to know the Kagero so far.
And the chicken of the seat tube. Kagero's biggest charm point, beautiful pashute geometry, is inherited, and the seat tube has a scoopout, which is also a feature of Leader. By getting a more compact rear triangle, the ride has become even more sharp. It has evolved into a completely different thing from the first model I was riding. I hate coloring with the same gun meta there. The store also offers a test ride for Kagero, so I want you to experience it! Feel free to consult with you, such as test drive and quote! TOSHI
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