It's late after it is gone

Actually, it's already late. It was sold out at domestic agencies and was ordered from overseas as soon as possible.
Selle San Marco Aspide Racing Urban Performance Mash Saddle ¥ 21,000 (+tax) A collaboration model between "SELLE SAN Marco", a historic Italian saddle maker, and a legendary piste crew "Mash" in San Francisco, who also visited Brotures staff on an employee trip the other day. The design of the decay logo on the entire saddle is in charge of MASH Crew Dylan Buffington. It's ASPIDE, but it's a Wide model, so hold your buttocks firmly. A model with a comfortable riding.
No, Aspide has a yarashi shape. 。 I want it. 。 It is for urban ride, but it is a lacy look, so it is also for those who run rattle ◎. Let's get this opportunity! Adatch
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