My wheel looks like this.

Happy New Year. I return to my parents' house early at the end of the year, and I am leisurely in 2018, and I have been working on wheels since the new year's work. I'm Fujimoto. Thank you again this year. My blog is always a wheel that I assembled as a product or what I assembled at the customer's request, but today, the first time I use it, I touch the wheels I use. I wonder if you can see it. First from the front desk. F-35 × WHITE INDUSTRIES T11 Front Hub × SAPIM CX
At the end of the year, we changed to F -rim, and for the current specification. I used to use this combination in a different carbon rim before, but it changed when I reconnect. Before the reconciliation, it was a radial group, but I went to a two -cross tangent set. I like radial groups, but the tangent group is still more cluttered, and it can be stretched. Thanks to the ride and the rim, the sense of stability has increased, and the deflection when applying the load has decreased. As for the spokes, I tried using the cx-ray, the CX-ray, which was the stock of SAPIM, which was the stock of the store, using the flange hole of the hub, but the CX-Ray is absolutely better. It depends on the application, but it is CX-ray for a fixie riding like us. ( * It's not good to process the flange hole in the hub.) And when you make the front, the rim is a light one. This alone changes driving.
The hub is the White Industries T11. I often choose a road hub for the front wheel. The reason is that I like the quick type, there are many things that I like, and there are many options. It is light, good rotation, and the price is attractive. It depends on the color¥14,700~I feel like that. Moreover, the processing of the hub shell is very beautiful. This hub is this hub that I like too much and owns. It is recommended because the color and the number of holes are abundant. And the rear. H-PLUS SON AT-25 × PHILWOOD LARGE FLANGE REAR × SAPIM CX-Ray
The rear is aluminum unlike the front. The AT-25 is a very well-balanced rim for any weight, hardness and accuracy. However, what I use is a 24h specification. The 32H rim has been assembled quite a bit, and I knew it was good because I used it, but I decided to build this wheel from the interest of 24H. I've been using it for more than six months, but I've never been shaken, and I reconfirm that it's a good rim because it's abnormal. The 24h aluminum rim is something cool.
The hub is Philwood. I painted it luxuriously, and I asked Junki to do the ink. I really like it. The hub alone is heavy, but as everyone says, it is still sturdy. Or rather, I'm growing up. It feels good. It is normal or classic as a combination. I think there is a standard goodness in the standard. I use the nipple to make a small difference. We will be happy to accept such a request. So, BROTURES sells all stores. ● Stock parts sale ● In -store inventory (excluding the finished car) including wheels With a purchase of ¥ 30,000 or more 10% OFF !! If you use this, you can get both rims and hubs cheaply, so we are waiting for your hand -assembled wheels. And the blog is usually over here, but ...
A new corner from this year. EntitledFujimoto's horse racing prediction Every Saturday, I predict the main race on Sunday and write it here. yes. As the title suggests. If you like horse racing, please see every Saturday to kill time. Then, the first shot this year isNakayama 11R Fairy Stakes(G3) Then here is the forecast ↓ ↓ ↓ 5 Lille Rose 6 Job Comen 8 Grand Piluette 10 Scarlet Color 13 Red Bell Rose 16 Tetradorakuma Well, it looks like this. My favorite is16 TetraddogsSo I wonder if I want to buy it as a focus. 16 is 100 yen for each triple triple single multi. If you hit it, you will get a single AT-25 × PHIL hand-assembled wheel. If you come to the best, you may change even if you customize the front and rear wheels to 735TR. I have a dream. At the same time, I'm not a professional or a predictor. Self -responsibility even if you come off.This is an important point. Don't just blame me. Thanks to me if I hit this. If you hit it, please come to the store to buy something. Let's do anything about horse racing and wheels. Fuji → Click here for inquiries ← 06-4391-3313
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