Video of the fun of a fixie bike!

Hello! Because it is New Year, today's blog features a video feature that shows the fun of "fixie bikes". I want to write! ! "Pist bike" that I often see in the city now! It's cool, fast, and light, so more and more people are choosing to commute and go to school! Of course, you can ride such a piste bike! ! It is a versatile vehicle that can also trick like BMX! ! It is an introduction of recommended videos in order! ! [Pist Bike / Fixed Bike / Fixed Gear / Fixie / Single Speed] A fixie bike is a competition bicycle used in track racing like the video introduced in the first place ("bicycle race" in Japan)! !
[The number of people riding a fixie bike in the city has increased] Because it is for the competition, the weight is very light, 7-8 kg, so it can run fast and simple, so it is hard to break and it is easy to maintain. New York messenger has begun to use a fixie bike! ! And now, the number of people riding in the town is increasing! !
Isn't there a lot of people who started riding a piste bike in a cool bicycle in the city? ? * In Japan, there is a road traffic law, so be careful of unreasonable driving! ! [Fixed gear] The fist has a unique feature of fixed gears, and the force on the pedal is transmitted to the wheels almost as it is, so it has a very direct step! You can feel a sense of unity with a bicycle! ! This is a feeling that you can't taste on a road bike! !
* Please do not throw a pizza car! Taking advantage of the fixed gear,"Skid (skid)"With the trick, you can relax and brake! ! [Trick] One of the attractions of the pisto is that there is a trick -like element of BMX due to the fun of operability, and that it can be used as a means of transportation! !
【custom】 One of the attractions is that there are plenty of parts and colors, and you can easily customize it! ! You can finish it colorfully or finish it black! ! You can easily make one original one in the world! !
[Music Video] Pisted bikes, which are increasing in Japan, are also loved by celebrities, professional baseball players and artists. It has been used for Music Video etc.! !
● Aklo "Break the Records" ● I'm riding DOSNOVENTA TOKYO!
● BASI from rhyme "Peppermint" ● ● By the way, I am appearing in this MV "Ayum"!
● Nogizaka 46 "The lonely LOVER in the world" ● Rider of a certain SHOP in Tokyo is appearing! Please hit someone!
● DAZZ "Time 2 Move ON" The interior of BROTURES OSAKA is also shown! Well, like this, the piste bike is loved by many people! ! Recently, some people are riding as part of fashion! It looks simple and cool, so you'll want to be fashionable! Would you like to ride a fixie bike in 2018? ? [Finally small story! ] "Pist bike" will appear in the game of Grand Seep Auto! !
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