Still, I ride Kagero again.

The first aluminum frame I got on was this Kagero's 1st model. I gave it to a junior who was stolen and let go, but I still regret it. After that, I got on various frames, but I always compare it with this Kagero. In a way, it's a frame that is the standard for the fix. Once you get on the kagero, you will not be able to forget it. There are many such people around me, regardless of customer or staff. (All the store managers at each store were riding Kagero.) One of the Yokohama store managers, Adatch, were riding Kagero as usual.
Leader Bikes Kagero "Frame Set ¥ 120,000 (+tax)" / "Complete Bike ¥ 205,000 (+tax)" Until recently, I was riding the Little Wing of NO22. To be honest, there seems to be no dissatisfaction with the Little Wing of the titanium frame, but the temptation of the new Kagero, which is in the field of view every day, is also strong. In fact, the 2018 model Kagero has changed the material of the frame aluminum. The 7046 is an aluminum that has a characteristic of nearly twice the strength and a lightness of 20 %, compared to the 7000s aluminum material, which is the most popular 7005. 7046 is more often compared to carbon material compared to aluminum and is closer to carbon than aluminum. The strength is almost twice as strong as 7005, so the frame itself can be made thinner, which has a significant effect on the frame weight itself. In fact, the 2018 model has succeeded in reducing the weight of the 2015 model by nearly 20-30 %.
He is a rational person who pulls, but the only weird is inevitable. There is no reason to hear this specification. ADATCH, a ZIPP lover who recognizes both and others, the carbon parts used are about the handle and seat post. Nevertheless, the weight is 6.56kg There are no special lightweight parts, but this weight is surprising. I heard that I was saying, "It may be faster than Little Wing ...".
Geometry, which falls well in the XS size, is very happy for the fixing riding. His frame is a sample, so the design of the fork is different, but a full carbon fork is included as standard. I think it is a frame suitable for the masterpiece in the history of Leader Bikes. I guess it's not a mess, but it's better than usual for riding and selling Kagero. I want you to experience that much. Although there are some sizes that are already out of stock, we are trying to restock them as soon as possible. It is good to assemble one with a new car. It is good to transfer using the parts of the current fix. You can also divert parts that can be used from road bikes and cross bikes. If you are interested, please feel free to contact Brotures near you. TOSHI Brotures Harajuku 03-6804-3115 BROTURES OSAKA 06-4391-3313 BROTURES YOKOHAMA & ONLINE 045-413-7875 Brotures Outlet 042-27-6155
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