The momentum does not stop kagero

I will omit the descent of the specifications of Kagero itself because it is often seen on other blogs. The current model Kagero is "comfortable" itself.
The wheelbase with the digging seat tube is shorter, and the acceleration power, which was a characteristic of Kagero, is further polished, and it is quite fun to ride. It's a place where the expression of fun is right, but I'm riding a 6km one way by commuting, but I want to ride even in the middle of winter.
Personally, the compatibility with this SHRED BAR is perfect. Skid is easy to do at an unusual level. That's why I set up a riser and recommend it. Of course, it is ant to use it on a road drop for the running spec. By the way, this car body custom is 7.5kg enough light. Specification table [Frame Set] Leader Bikes Kagero Frame Set ¥ 120,000 (+Tax) [Handle] NITTO SHRED BAR ¥ 6,800 (+Tax) [Grip] CULT X Vans Waffle Grip ¥ 1,500 (+Tax) [Stem] Thomson X2 STEM ¥ 10,000 (+Tax) [Wheel] GRAN COMPE TRACK WHEEL SET SILVER ¥ 36,700 (+Tax) [Crank] Sugino 75 Crank ¥ 26,000 (+Tax) [Chain Ring] SUGINO MC144 CHAINRING 49T ¥ 16,100 (+Tax) [Chain] HKK Vertex Blue ¥ 3,000 (+Tax) [Saddle] Selle San Marco Aspide Racing Urban Performance Mash Saddle ¥ 21,000 (+Tax) [Seat post] Thomson Elite SeatPost ¥ 10,000 (+Tax) In the state of the heavy image7.5kg The shop has an XS size (you have yourself). The XS size is currently sold out and it will be reserved. 。 It is OK even if you take a test drive. We are also preparing for each store on display, so we look forward to your visit. Adatch Brotures Harajuku 03-6804-3115 BROTURES OSAKA 06-4391-3313 BROTURES YOKOHAMA & ONLINE 045-413-7875 Brotures Outlet 042-27-6155 For reservations and inquiries, I would like to send an email using the template below or call us! → Click here to make a reservation ← ■ Wanted car type brand: model: Color: size: ■ Hope custom ■ Delivery method (store / shipping) ■ Name ■ Address ■ Contact information You can purchase a new car wisely by the trade -in + loan combination technique. Click here for detailsblogfrom 045-413-7875 [Brotures YOKOHAMA Road Blog]
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