Who is the shining kagero? ? ?

Hello everyone. It is GORI of BROTURES Harajuku!

Immediately, congratulations to new adults!

I held the coming -of -age ceremony three years ago, but I still remember the memories I enjoyed to meet local friends for the first time in a long time!

I drank too much at night and became tingling, and I was bothering a lot of people, but now I have become a little adult without any inconvenience ... lol.

Today, I would like to introduce the shiny body of new people who are carrying Japan and those in their early 20s like me!

We are still young, let's go! ! !


Tyrant Bikes Kagero Frame Set ¥ 132,000-Tax included

Tyrant Bikes Kagero Normal completed car ¥ 242,000-tax included

Tyrant Bikes Kagero Polish processing \ ask ~

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The shiny car body that became the base this time is especially when people on the body of Leader®︎ are replaced.

It will be Kagero of Tyrant Bikes, a popular option.

Kagero, which is the lightest among the many aluminum frames, is an ultra -light -class frame with a frame set of 1.8 kg.

Because of its lightness, many people continue to worry about customizing the body.

The lighter the lighter, the better it is.

If it is as light as Kagero, it can be feasible even if it is a completed 6kg range car, but if you are powerful, you may be able to lift your bicycle while rowing, so you can not hope for it. , ...

Therefore, this time, I was conscious of the body that was not too light and selected the elaborate parts.

Here is the part.

Encore WHEELS COLOR ¥ 79,200-tax included

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Choose Encore, a 5 -baton wheel with outstanding durable performance.

By using a slightly heavier carbon wheel of a full carbon material, using a slightly heavy one.

I was conscious that the weight of the entire car was not too light.

The weight of the wheel itself is firm, so the running comfort when riding on the speed is already outstanding.

Gungun's riding taste is the charm of Encore.

TIOGA Carbon Rizer Bar ¥ 14,080-Tax included

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Set a long riser bar on the handle.

Riser is more preferred for street rides than drops.

I usually stretch out and use Thomson, but TIOGA, which can set carbon rizers at affordable prices, is recently my boom.

It costs more than 20,000 yen, it's a little easier to pick up than the steering wheel, so for people who want to try the handle of carbon material,

Especially recommended!

How was this custom this time?

Recently, herbivorous boys have become the mainstream, but now we are in their twenties as a carnivorous representative! smile

Who is this shining Kagero? I'm thrilled from now on!



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