you can buy now. has become a very hot topic as the next generation e-bike.
It is always out of stock, so you can see its popularity.
We receive inquiries almost every day next to the bro.

Good news to everyone who was looking forward to such arrivals.
Although it is a part of the color, Mate X 250 is back in stock! ! !
Here is the arrival this time!

"Jet Gray"

"Sterling Moss"

"Dusty Army"

Mate X 250 Intersteller

There are many designs with trendy earth color elements now.
Personally, Sterling Moss is unique and fashionable.

These colors can be prepared in BMX custom.
Why don't you put it out with a cooler one than genuine?

Mate X 250 "CRUISE"

All colors have only one digit number, so don't miss this opportunity! !


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