It's been a long time in a long time.

A bike information beside the boss beside the blot that comes like a guerrilla.
I will report it because it has been added after a long time.

CINELLI TUTTO Otsu Bike ¥ 184,800-

TUTTO (Tutto), a versatile player who can handle a wide range of trucks to cyclo and commuting.
He has been very active as an exhibition car for a long time at the store.
It is a bike that can be enjoyed with a unique design and design with a piste bike that can be worn thick tires.

Since it is an exhibit, there are some small scratches around the end. (Really just a little)
We have prepared as reasonable as much as possible based on that.
If it is assembled with a normal rose, it costs around 200,000 yen, so it is quite good.

I chose White Industries for the headset because I want to ride a lot, but I want you to ride a lot.
It is a part that is difficult to replace and is not noticeable and is easy to apply.
I have tough parts from the beginning.

A bike for a once -in -a -lifetime chance.
This is only one M size.
Recommended for those who are around 175cm tall.
Please hurry.


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