Think seriously about it.

This VIGORELLI STEEL is a slightly unique bike.
If you categorize it, it's definitely a fixie bike, but one of the hybrids with various elements.

The design is that of a road bike, and the part is still a fixie.
The frame is steel but the fork is full carbon.
In fact, it is a "good cotton" motorcycle that can run through the city with sharp handling while having a sense of stability than a normal track bike.


Due to its nature, I made it in custom, where you can enjoy a single road -like way of riding.
It is also suitable for city riding because it is a frame that the chineri team was originally used in criterium (city racing).
It is a piste bike that can simply "run" and "stop" comfortably.

If you are riding in town, you want to get along with as much maintenance as much as possible.
We choose tough items at key points such as PHILWOOD hubs.

PHilwood Low Flange Track Hub Sliver

I said in a car commercial that "fuel economy changes with tires", but this is the same for bicycles.
The bicycle progresses enough to make the wheel lighter just by turning a good rolling tires.
I personally recommend this Vittoria Corsa.
If you ride on a daily basis, you should have less stress.

Virrotia Corsa G2.0

For bicycles, "running" and "stop" may be too commonplace, but if you rush, you will end up here.
There are various approaches such as tricks and motorcycle packing, but the ultimate is here.
Because if you enjoy it from your usual commuting, it's the strongest.


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