Thomson is in stock !!

Good evening!
Today's Kichijoji is Fucking Rainy Day all day.
Occasionally, the pouring of the bucket turned over, and afternoon, thunder is bucky.
It was like the end of this world.

Some fenders are available on weekends
If you are commuting or commuting to school, why not take this opportunity?

And at the same time as the fender
Here is the restock after a long time.

Thomson Riser Bar Various

Thomson Riser Bar Various

If you are Tomson, please take a look.

Computerized Numerical Control

By the way, after that, "When?"
This product finally appeared in front of us.

I went back a lot about past blogs
There is no drawing.

The point is that even though you can take a picture, it's already sold before you take a custom photo.
It is so fast, that is, popular.

This popular product has arrived in all kinds this time.
I will introduce it in order.

Aluminium Riser Bar 750mm

・ 20mm rise
・ Upsweep 5 degrees
・ Bucksweep 8 degrees

This time, all four (excluding titanium) riser bars were available,
This rise, up/Bucksweep's numbers are different.

How much does “rise” come up from the clamp part?
Why this goes up 2㎝.
The upsweep will come up "how angle"
The Bucksweep is bent in front of you "at what angle"
Is represented.

As for up/back, the larger the number, the more bent
You can think that the smaller the smaller, the closer you are.

By the way, along with Thomson, it is a riser bar monument (currently absent).
Nitto for Shred Bar

・ 25mmR rise
・ Upsweep 6 degrees
・ Bucksweep 3 degrees
I think that there are many people who have seen the real thing, so if you use this as one standard, it is easy to imagine.


Aluminium Riser Bar 800mm

・ 20mm rise
・ Upsweep 5 degrees
・ Bucksweep 9 degrees

Long, ridiculously long.
The sidewalks in Tokyo are scary and I can never run.
But I'm longing because it's long and cool.

Bucksweep is stronger once than the first 750mm
It feels like it's coming forward.
I think this is easier to grasp during cruising.


Carbon Flat Bar 730mm

・ ± 8mm rise
・ Upsweep 0 degrees
・ Bucksweep 8 degrees

Carbon type.
Needless to say, lightweight. (205g)

The type of flip flop design, by inverting up and down and installing it.
You can choose whether or not to rise or drop from the clamp part for 8mm each.

By the way, since the upsweep is 0 degrees, it is not bent at all upwards.
In other words, it is completely flat when viewed from the front. Flat.
Looking from the top, it is warped at the same angle as the aluminum 750mm.
Rather than "ease of riding", it is a strong shape that is ease of dancing when rowing.
For you who are stoic.

It is the end.

Carbon Riser Bar 750mm

・ 12mm rise
・ Upsweep 5 degrees
・ Bucksweep 8 degrees

It is a carbon type with almost the same shape as Aluminium Riser Bar 750mm introduced first.
This is a little low, but this is the case if you can balance looks and easy to ride.

The number of mounting images is like this.

After all it's cool ...

Of course, it looks simple
It is easy to put in front of you because it is firmly held than the shoulder width,
It will be easy to skid.
I can't, but the trick rider is also a riser all over, so the handle with high operability = this. I feel like that.

And I get the announcement of each store, so I'm wearing it
Recently, the riser of any manufacturer has no stock at all.

The arrival of Thomson, of course, has no replacement!
If there is now, the next arrival will be undecided again.

It is a valuable time to choose from a variety, so please take this opportunity to make a riser custom.

I'll take a picture when it's sunny tomorrow.

Then again!

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