X can be delivered on the same ...

The most momentum topics "Electric bicycle" now

In addition to Mate, many E-Bike, including Super73, are attracting attention together with this era.

But one head, no, no, the most popular as another dimension of e-bike is this

Foldable, maximum mileage is 80-90 km, about 8 times power compared to other brands.

E-Bike, which is excellent in all-round, not only for rough roads and long touring, but also for everyday use and undulation.

So Brotures Harajuku will be a spot project, but several units,We have a body that can be handed over the same day.

I want to buy it after a test drive, I want to use it for commuting from next week. Please call us by all means.

Enjoy what kind of color you have.

Please feel free to contact us.

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