High -grade brand "Osaka".

Hello, this is Toriyama.

There is a weather forecast that seems to be warm suddenly from today.

It seems that today is a 24 -year -old "grain rain". Summer is approaching.

So the story is a fixie. Today I will introduce the parts.

Introducing the three strongest brands that can be said to be the three families of the current brands with many titles.

All are parts that are often selected as a dream custom called Dream Build.

The first is 75DD2 direct crank from "SUGINO".

SUGINO is a big major brand that makes truck competition parts under the Japanese brand.

Among them, the 75 series continues to sell. It is also popular with overseas riders.

And this DD2 is a model that has a direct crank of Sugino 75 and is a specification that can be further stepped on.

The crank shape is a neat silhouette without impairing the 75 looks.

Since it is an OBB standard that adopts SHIMANO Horotech, you can upload to PhilWood.

The abnormal noise of the previous work was solved and it was a crank without to say.

The price is a high setting, but instead the SUGINO Zen chain ring is set.

You can also choose the number of teeth when ordering, so you don't have to worry about the chain ring.

I think it is the strongest direct crank of the city riding because it is also strong in skids.

The second is the same crank than "ROTOR".

This is a recommended crank for those who are more conscious of running compared to the previous 75DD2.

Although it is the same direct crank, the spider and arm are separate and everything is made of aluminum.

It will be a pursuit of lightness to the limit. There are also fields and delicate parts.

The BB shaft is designed with a thickness of about 3mm in diameter, so that it can withstand strong stepping on aluminum.

Since it is completely aluminum, the spider is also made very thin.

The BB is available on WishBone.

All of this crank is sold separately, so there is a merit that you can use chain rings.

Even if you wear a trendy Digirit and Sugino chain ring, it is cool and good.

Although it is very small, it is likely that you can prepare the stock, so if you are interested, it is a chance now.

The last third is the handle from this brand "ENVE".

You've finally arrived. ENVE component.

It took almost a year before the popularity and this global situation overlapped.

That's not all coming. But this brand is worth waiting.

I don't think there is any other brand that makes such carbon products.

A terribly high rigidity, but the finished finish is super beautiful in the first place. I want everyone.

Most of the orders were reserved, so only one road drop has entered the store as stock.

The size is 400mm and the shape is compact. It is the most popular model.

This size of this reservation order M was all this size because it fits the Japanese body type.

In the first place, this miracle handle is a completely fast win, so thank you.

It is best to make the bar tape into ENVE.

That's the three families of the parts.

This brand is probably a brand that will probably not be abolished in the future, so if you are having a custom and troubled problem, please refer to it.

SUGINO 75DD2 Crank Set \ 89,100-INTAX ~





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