BORED new original oil "MPL" in stock!

It has been out of stock for a long time BORED MPL OIL ¥ 1,890 A large amount has arrived.
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Chain, bearing, screws Can do anything Ultra -high performance all -purpose oil One is the item you want. Web storeHerefrom. For details, please go to BORED's website. BORED original oil renewed for the first time in six years. No solid fine particle additives or chlorine -based additives, Produces a tough film that maintains lubricating for a long time with special additives. Because special additives enter the scratches and marks that occur on the sliding surface and friction of all metal to generate a strong film. Always maintain flat metal surface. 100 % chemical synthetic ester complex oil is used for the base oil Maintain a powerful oil film on the metal surface by chemical adsorption and lubricate. Always lubricate the metal surface even in severe situations such as high load, high rotation, high temperature, humidity, etc. New oil that can be used for multi. 100 % chemical synthetic oil, polyolefin, reduction agent, special additives. 20ml container with dropper. Chlorine -free.
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