BROTUES Original pedal & strap restock.

First day of the three -day holidays With clear air Under the blue sky with no clouds It's the best piston day. For the riding of such a day I want to run with a reliable specification. So I would recommend BROTURES flat pedal.
$ Brotures harajuku
It is a plastic flat pedal Bearing accuracy and outstanding rotation. The glossy feeling of all black is also good. BROTURES Flat Pedal ¥ 2,940 I want you to match here BROTURES Power Strap
$ Brotures harajuku
Excellent durability It has a reputation for hold feeling and response. If you want to power up skids, please come! BROTURES Power Strap ¥ 4,830 If you buy these two points with roses, it costs 7,770 yen.
$ Brotures harajuku
$ 6,300 for two points simultaneously. It is a little advantageous. Towards improving skills It may be good to change the undercarriage.
$ Brotures harajuku
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