Continental Gatorskin & Michelin Pro3

"The fuel economy changes with the tires" The two tires introduced will make you feel like that. First of all, tires for lace [Michelin Pro3 ¥ 7,240]
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Good rolling If you have it, you will be surprised And it is slick but has grip power It is a tire that is exhausted. In addition, the luxurious color variation is also attractive. And I want you to put it in the rear [Continental Gatorskin ¥ 5,565]
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It was considered to be the strongest against skids Vittria boasts toughness that three times stronger than Landner will be stronger Because it is a tight tire of 23c Rolling and speed are Pikaichi. The orange logo is also nice. Two excellent items are also 20 % off at sales price! Why don't you take this opportunity to upgrade the undercarriage?
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