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In recent years, E-Bike has a rising demand alongside the fixie bike.

Above all, the popularity of has attracted much attention to other companies' e-bike.

The reason why it is good is easy to understand, ...

① Torque (power of motor) is strong so you can easily climb a slope

② If folded, it will be less than half the size, so it is easy to store and carry.

③ Since the maximum mileage is 80km-100km, the charging frequency is low. So the battery lasts a long time

There are still more, but is it like this?

So, this weekend, in BROTURES Harajuku, in parallel with the customer's body assembly."Delivery on the same day"We have a possible car body.

I can't wait a month after I ordered it.

I want to ride now because I'm busy.

I would like to respond to such requests.

Please feel free to ask what kind of color and models there are!

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It was a great season to enjoy a bicycle.

Please enjoy your daily commuting, commuting, and holidays with

We look forward to your inquiries and all the staff.



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