LO PRO "Harajuku Custom"

“AFFINITY CYCLES” is a brand that is especially popular among current piste users.

Among them, "LO PRO" has a more eye-catching front drop that resembles a piste.

Of course, this frame is also recommended for those who are thinking about making their piste debut.

This time, I tried customizing LOPRO's nice coloring, "Mutant Blue," in a Harajuku style.

AFFINITY CYCLES LO PRO frame set ¥97,900-tax included

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First of all, the crank, which can be said to be the heart of the piste.

SUGINO SG75 DD2 49T Direct Crankset ¥99,000-tax included

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This is "SUGINO75 DD2" because it has high specifications from the beginning.

This time I set it up in silver to match the wheels.

The conventional square taper BB has been changed to an outboard BB, achieving exceptional rigidity and weight reduction.

By changing the specification to a 24mm spindle 2-piece crank while maintaining the same rigidity as the 75 crank, you can ride with a more direct feeling without deflection.

Next is the wheels, and this is a complete set of "GRANCOMPE" with good cost performance.

GRANCOMPE complete wheel set SL \40,370-tax included

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"Rim width: 19mm Rim height: 23mm"

If you want to build a classic and cost-effective slender chromoly frame, this wheel is really recommended.

In addition, the wheels are lightweight at approximately 1,100g (front) and 1,150g (rear), so please consider this if you want to upgrade from genuine wheels at a lower price.

The other handlebars and seat post are also made of silver, creating a cohesive finish.

As for the handle, I chose a short flat bar that is popular in Harajuku.

Although it is short, it has a good width, so it is easy to maneuver and it is easy to slip through, making it very stress-free.

The grip that matches this is the ``OURY'' lock-on grip, which is popular among riders.

NITTO B2500AA flat handle ¥3,300-tax included

OURY Lock-on grip ¥4,290-tax included

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This lock-on version of the Mountain Grip, a masterpiece with the same design that has been loved since the dawn of mountain biking, has firm cushioning and is less sticky than other grips.

In addition, the lock-on type can be fixed with a "hexagonal" so you can ride with confidence as there is no slipping due to moisture etc.

I tried customizing it with a classic feel like this, what do you think?

Personally, I thought, ``If I'm going to ride the LO PRO, I'd like to ride this custom bike.'' This is a well-thought-out bike, so I'd like you to continue riding it. lol

The head parts, stem, and other parts are made from inexpensive materials so that they can be customized later, so we would be happy if you could come in regularly for consultation and maintenance even after purchase.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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