A collaboration between Leader®︎ and Kamen Rider that arrived this time.

Honestly, this project was inevitable what the reaction was like.

Inquiries from abroad, as well as those in Japan, are flooded now.

I mentioned a little on the blog the other day, but I realized that Japanese special effects and anime are attracting attention all over the world.

And the famous machine in this photo "Cyclone"

This one is the most iconic and symbolizes the Kamen Rider's "rider" part.

This is the special leader bike that was finished in the background.

[Limited collaboration model] Kamen Rider x Leader®︎ Cyclone ¥ 253,000 (tax included)

* It is different from the product specifications

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Head patch logo, delicate frame line, coloring ...

Honestly, at first, no one imagined this quality. It's all a wonderful word.

I made a custom bike because such a limited collaboration model was arrived at BROTURES Harajuku.

Yes, of course, this limited model can be selected as a custom base car.

Cyclone W/Encore Wheel Custom

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I want to enjoy custom with as low as possible.

But I don't like halfway things. This one that satisfies such a desire.

First, set up the Encore WHEEL on the front and the wheels finished with a Philwood hub on the rear.

Encore Wheel Matt Black ¥ 66,000 (tax included)

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PHILWOOD TRACK HUB RED REAR ¥ 31,680 (tax included)

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To be honest, both items are not light. It's a bit heavy.

However, a PHILWOOD hub that can be accelerated by the unique gyro effect after the speed is riding and that it slips.

This combination is a unique ride that can not be tasted with super high graded super high -quality parts.

It is not fanned by the weight of the weight, and it should be in good shape in the city.

And after a long absence, low rider. I'm thrilled by this name alone. smile


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An aggressive one with a lower shoulder than a normal bullhorn.

As the riding posture is sleeping, the resistance of the wind received by the body is reduced, the price is cheap, and the aluminum is light.

Well, it's cooler than talking about it.

Look, the angle from this side.

This is irresistible.

When I wrote it, the customer just came and the last one came. smile

If you are considering purchasing, please hurry!

We look forward to your consultation regarding Kamen Rider Collaboration and parts.



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