Things that have not changed all the time.

Hello, this is Toriyama.

Recently, the progress of technology has been dull, and various brands have emerged innovative parts under new concepts.

Carbochen ring, titanium cog, carbon hub, etc.

As the flow of components is changing steadily, of course, there are also universal things.

Today, we introduce customs using parts that have been running on the front line without changing so much.

The model used for the base is Leader's only chromoly frame "Angelino".

Champagne Gold with a new color added from this time.

A beautiful gold that gives a soft impression, not a crisp feeling, gives a unique atmosphere.

Since the base is gold, this time only one color, I put it as a color.

It is such a custom that is called a piste, like the time when the piste was very popular.

The wheels are custom only for the front and cost modest.

It is a rigid pakipaki hand assembly that combines PHILWOOD purple hub and H Plus Son's SL-42.

This wheel, which also uses the Osaka store trick rider "ayumu", is really sturdy and sturdy, so you can make a trick.

It is a recommended one because the color of the purple also suits gold.

The match is a sense of unity with the last year's limited color "Violet" of the CHRIS KING headset.

Whether it's PHILWOOD or Chris King, it's an American brand that supports this street fixie culture for a long time.

Reliable accuracy, durability, and abundant colors have been closely related to the fixi culture.

CHRIS KING also has the best quality of head parts.

If you are lost in the headset custom, everyone can say this.

Angelino is a recommended part for the first custom because the headset is not very good.

Around the handle is an aggressive bullhorn custom that seems to be a piste reminiscent of the heyday.

This combination of DEDA is the royal road of the royal road.

Crononero Low Rider with a forward inclination on the 20 ° square DEDA PISTA stem that extends in parallel from the pashute frame.

I am also happy that both are affordable and have a price that can be easily picked up by custom beginners.

The brands that continue to change in various ways are great, aren't they?

These are all recommended, so they are recommended.

Completed car: Leader Angelino COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 143,000-INTAX

Rim: H Plus Son SL-42 RIM ¥ 11,000-INTAX

Hub: PHILWOOD High Frange Hub ¥ 33,880-INTAX

Headset: CHRIS KING NOTHREADSET 1-1/8 ¥ 24,200-INTAX

Handle: DEDA CRONONERO LOW RIDER ¥ 7,590-Intax

Stem: DEDA PISTA STEM ¥ 10,120-Intax

Seat post: Thomson Elite SeatPost ¥ 12,100-INTAX



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