The piste's main path.

I did my waist.
To be precise, I tried.
The instantaneous pain when it gets piker, it will be trauma.

Good evening! It is Miya who has a poor back pain.
Please do not have heavy things in the future. smile

When asked, "What is a fixie?"
Ultimately, if you show this, it will be solved
We have prepared such a custom.

Leader® 735TR Custom Bike ¥ 531,200 (Intax)

The most symbolic one of the Leader7 series is 735TR, mainly carbon parts.
In particular, the combination of a very thick down tube and a 90mm height deep rim
(As if it was from the beginning) It is a custom that is wonderfully stuck.

Let's follow the order.

Thomson Elite X4 STEM ¥ 12,100 (Intax)

Brotures Full Carbon DropBars ¥ 42,900 (Intax)

Full carbon drop handle.
Designed the drop and reach length with your own know -how instead of the road diversion.
It is finished in a "fist -only handle" without a compromise.


Here is the saddle you want to pay attention to now.
It features a unique and solid appearance that is comparable to the presence of 735TR.

All -weather type using fiberglass fiber enhanced nylon coated at the top.
The frame uses a hardened natural rubber to achieve an excellent riding comfort by the hammock effect.

Controls the trigger.

It is highly recommended as a custom saddle option.

Hed Jet RC9 Track Front ¥ 108,900 (Intax) Rear ¥ 128,700 (Intax)

And and
I'm waiting for you.

"JET RC9" GA with 90mm rim hats from "HED" with luxury carbon wheels.
Single speed only wheel boasts excellent aerodynamic performance with its overwhelming height.
A design compiled in all black and a deep rim specification with an overwhelming presence.

If you want to run early, add this.

Absolutely reliable wheels, but this time only one set is in stock.
It is a first -come, first -served basis, regardless of the example.

To be honest, of course, what is the fixie just looking at this body?
It is difficult to understand structurally or deep in places.

However, when I see it, it is a "shock" that penetrates into the brain
Purely, I want to ride! "Impulses" that makes me think

This custom has enough impact to make it feel.

Leader735TR is currently accepting reservations.

Of course the price is reasonable
If you straddle the legendary frame that pushed up the current piste culture so far,
Why don't you look at this for the final vision?


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