On the street, American.

Hello, this is Toriyama.

The summer is approaching and the season has come to you want to feel the wind.

In such a case, I want to spread the side with a long riser and get better ventilated.

I also remembered to change to a riser.

That's why I will introduce such custom today.

The base is a refreshing look using Leader 725TR white.

By putting carbon wheels only on the front, we will stop the front weight and make the go -go comfortably.

The combination of F55 and American classic is cheap and stupid. And it turns well.

Because it is a road hub, it is a quick release specification, so it is easy to remove, so it is easy to bring a chari to your travel.

The handle is that collaboration that has recently been talked about. Engine 11 × GODANDFAMOUS long riser.

It is a handle that is suitable for tricks because it is made of 6000 series aluminum and is rigid.

This is a flashy person with two designs. The sweat mark becomes a steering handle.

Top caps are also GODANDFAMOUS according to the handle.

Titanium made to bolts to the top cap made of titanium. There is a playful design that seems to be there.

This is a black joke -like design that has reduced the current world of Corona in the classic design.

Overall, it is unified with American parts, and it has become the best custom that suits midsummer, which can ride in an aggressive posture.

725TR is still a little in stock, so if you are thinking about purchasing, please contact us.

Completed car: LEADER 725TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 165,000-INTAX

Wheel: BROTURES F55 × American Classic Hub ¥ 72,776-Intax

Handle: Engine 11 × Godandfamous alu Riser Bar ¥ 9,900-INTAX

Stem: ZIPP Service Course Sl Stem ¥ 12,903-Intax

Top Cap: Godandfamous Titunium Top CAP ¥ 3,080-INTAX

Bar tape: ENVE BAR TAPE ¥ 4,994-Intax

Pedal: MKS x Mash Mash Stream Pedal ¥ 5,060-INTAX


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12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)