Thank you for your nice bike.

I would like to introduce a nice bike order from a distance.
The nominated was Los Anngeles of Dosnoventa.
It is the most multi -per -pass motorcycle in the lineup that can handle everything from commuting to competitions.

DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles Frame Set

Some parts, such as handles and cranks, have been assembled by sending you.
It was a very minimal and one like a piste bike.

The wheels are a standard combination of AT-25 and Philwood, but the hub is a small flange.
Lightweight rims and tough hubs are perfect for city riding.

Thomson carbon flat bar to bring in the handle.
Lightweight and high rigidity. The appearance is simple and the compatibility with the fixie bike is outstanding.
Riser bars are in stock at the store, so be sure to customize the handle.

Bring the saddles and cranks, and put the DSNV component on the stem and seat post.
I'm looking forward to the day when this bike runs in Shizuoka prefecture!

You can order custom bikes from emails and LINE for distant people.
Please feel free to tell us.


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