I immediately assembled the new color in ...

Leader® "ANGELINO", which has been restocked by the new color the other day

Among them, I tried to customize the elegant "champagne gold" this time.

First of all, please look at the whole picture.

Leader® Angelino PTG CompLETE BIKE ¥ 143,000-Tax included

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This custom is only the wheel, but the choice is so that "appearance" and "performance" change dramatically.

CORIMA 3spork Carbon WHEEL ¥ 151,800-Tax included

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BROTURES SHRED88 Rear ¥ 64,900-Tax included

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As I mentioned earlier, it doesn't complain about the performance, as well as the performance.

In particular, Corima's wheels are equipped with ceramic bearings, so they turn around without being surprised. smile

It really goes around without a joke. smile

If you are actually using it or have touched it at stores, you can understand the greatness.

If you can come to the store near you and are worried, please come and experience it.

If you want to get rid of the ride and upgrade further from here, there are still many places to play with cranks.

If you can put it so far with the first custom, it might be a good idea to gradually enjoy the difference later.

I hope you can feel free to consult with you.

By the way, for this Angelino, there is more and more sizes, so please consider it as soon as possible.

We look forward to your inquiry below.

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