The best racing frame

There are various types of competitions using bicycles, but this frame is definitely the highest peak in those competitions.

Among the models that are handled by BROTURES, this "Madison" is the frame that can be used most in the race.

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Look Madison 875 Frame set ¥ 240,000-

The monocoque truck carbon frame that makes use of the experiences cultivated from various racing sites has been developed so that more riders can enjoy it.

By the way, it is too luxurious for city riding and is even lighter than the representative of the lightness "735TR". The details are like this.

Size: XS (502) / S (531.5) / m (561) / L (590.5)
(Top tube parallel measurement)
Material: HM carbon
Seat post: 31.6mm
Fork: HM carbon
Weight: Frame 1600g + fork 360g
Front and rear brake pedestal model

The frame set was weighted, but the place I actually measured and looked at it was "1610G". smile

If you are actually riding, you may be experiencing the elaboration and materials of the construction.

Well, I think it's easier to understand while looking at "things" than to explain in words, so please see this ↓ YouTube video ↓.

So, it's finally the main subject

this"875 Madison RC Critt", What a "M size 1 point" is in stock in the Harajuku store!

You can replace it, or assemble it as a first bike or second bike.

Either way, it is a luxurious frame that is convinced, buying and regrettable, so if you are interested, please consult us first.

It will be late after the stock is gone, and the time you are worried will be wasted as soon as possible.

In a hurry, "The money to set up to assemble is difficult."

Please be assured.

BROTURES can also pay by "bike loan". You can also use "cash" and "card" together.

First, get the frame with the payment method that suits you. If you don't have a frame, it won't be talked about. smile

We are waiting for your consultation and inquiries!

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