can get back on that day!

"", which has been a topic recently
Isn't there a lot of people who are worried?

From the point of view of our fixes, it's a bit "sly?"
It is very interesting as a vehicle such as the same bicycle.

Mate X ¥ 300,000 + TAX

To be honest, there was a part that we licked a little (rude), but I was surprised when I got on this.
Unlike the electric motorcycle I had imagined, it was very active and interesting.
As you can see, thick tires with a strong sense of security. And suspension under the fork and under the seat.
Unlike conventional electric bicycles, the battery part has a built -in and refreshing form.

In addition, it is possible to fold it easily like this,
He / she uses it in a car to use it at a travel destination, and plays an active part in the camp scene.

I think there are still GW, but many people in this GW test drive.
When I got on it, it seemed that it was light and surprised, and the excitement was transmitted very much!

So many customers say,
"I want to ride home today"

There are many customers who are said to be.

I understand very much, but basically, I take about a week for a bicycle delivery, grease -up or adjustment.
In addition, since it is a busy season, it may take about 2 to 3 weeks.

That said, I want to ride what I want to ride now!
I feel like you. Therefore. at the store was prepared by immediate delivery!

In addition to the classic black, this color is available.

There is no such opportunity, but first from the test drive!
Also for distant customers"send"Please feel free to contact us as we will also do it.

It is also possible to purchase by split.
The loan simulation is also described, so please refer to it for reference!

~ 12 times ~

~ 24 times payment ~

You can apply from a personal computer and a smartphone, and you can apply immediately if you have about 15 to 20 minutes!
It is possible up to 64 times up to 64 times, and if you save money, you can pay in a lump, so I would be grateful if you could consult first.

It is also possible to deliver in a custom state, so in that case, please contact the following contact!
We are waiting for you.
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