Get the longing before and after baton wh...

This time it is low cost but high -spec,

Local Bikes MetroandEncoreIntroducing custom using wheels.

After all, the attraction of these two brands is that it is low cost.

Therefore, it is a very popular brand for those who are looking for the first piste bike.

However, it is the greatness of Local Bikes Metro and Encore that cannot be underestimated just because it is cheap.

First of all, about METRO, a slender and beautiful frame with chromoly material.

When the chromoly frame is applied, it demonstrates a unique border,

It is characteristic of riding taste that can not be felt with other materials.

It has a solid rigidity due to the characteristics of the material,

From its strength, the impact of aluminum and carbon broken,

I can withstand it.

In short, it's such a reasonable price, so it's solid, so

You can have a lifetime.


Next, about the Encore wheel made of carbon resin material.

With a characteristic 5 baton design that you do not see elsewhere

Successfully succeeded in improving stability and reducing air resistance

There is no doubt that you will monopolize your gaze when you run through the city from the appearance.

In addition, it boasts overwhelming strength than other companies' lightweight wheels.

This wheel is perfect for hard tricks

There is a moderate weight, it is easy to cruise top speed and I do not know that it will stop once accelerated.


Here is this custom that selected the front and rear wheels of the front and rear wheels based on METRO.


Local Bikes Metro ¥ 74,800 (TAX IN)

Encore WEELS COLOR ¥ 66,000 (Tax IN)

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By putting the impact encore wheel in a slender and beautiful frame

This custom is suitable for top speed cruising, as well as changes in appearance.

Once you get on the speed, you will run enough to forget to stop.

By the way, this custom is possible for a total of about 200,000 yen.

The longing front and rear baton wheel custom can be done at this price

It is unique to Local Bikes Metro and Encore.

This time it became a custom using carbon wheel,

At the BROTURES Harajuku store, your custom request at the store

We are waiting for you, so please feel free to contact us.

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