A permanent classic wheel.

I'm worried about something if I don't have a standard thing. Playfulness and adventures are important, but you can return to the beginning.

Speaking of the cap, New Era, AIR FORCE 1 in sneakers. In other words, a versatile item that suits anything.

This wheel is still popular in its position.

H Plus Son AT-25 × PHILWOOD CLASSIC HUB Custom Wheel

It is so popular that the mail order site has recently been ordered once a week.

Although it is an unpretentious gnome core wheel, the specifications are actually perfect, and Adentude is perfect.

The introduction here is nothing else, and the bottom is actually visible. The experience data so far is that H PLUS SON and PHILWOOD will not return for the time being if they are sold out. To be honest, you can take this wheel ahead even if you have no body.

Please contact us for consultation and stock status, such as email, telephone, SNS, etc.

Let's go once because it is a permanent classic.


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