E-Bike's new beginning

You can see the story in this e-bike.
High performance that can run seamlessly between urban and outdoors, and a powerful and stylish form.
Their manifests are very conscious of the environment because they aim for 100 % renewable energy.

But convenient. Just cool. However, high performance.
Such values ​​may be getting older.
I guess there is a "other side" that can be seen by coexisting at a high level.

Mate X 250 "Beyond"

Such a Mate X was more comfort and fun.
It is a custom only handle, stem, saddle, and pedal, but the impression and ride comfort change dramatically.
From BMX to MTB, and eventually, we also choose items with motifs.
There is a sense of unity that can not be said even though it is such a genre.

Incorporate various cultures and open up a new genre.
This is a new form of E-Bike.
Where will we take us and take me?
Fortunately, modern Noah's ark seems to be able to ride with free will.


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12:00-18:00 (no regular holidays)