I like hand -assembled wheels.

I like to build wheels.
Because of the very concentration work, there is only wheel with myself.
It's a dialogue and a serious game. I like this calm time.

I shot the highlight of the work process of such a "hand -gathered wheel".
I hope you enjoy the texture unique to the hand build.
(I took a video for the first time. I did my best.)

The wheels are often consulted because they are called bicycle flowers.
In the bicycle industry, the mainstream is the "complete group wheel", which is assembled and produced in factories.
Most of the wheels sold at BROTURES are "hand -assembled wheels" that are hand -assembled by hand.

We all propose a custom bike that fits your lifestyle.
It is better to be able to customize the wheels that determine the driving performance.

I just uploaded the recommended wheels to the top of the online store.
If you are looking for a wheel, please take a look.


In addition, we can also accept wheels that are not listed.
If you fill in the order form below, we will send you an estimate.
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