I don't like it by my child. You can always see the suspicious person in the child who has been together with the elevator. I guess it's transmitted. Some staff members think that they hate children, but I will correct them. I don't hate it, I just don't know. It's similar to communicating with overseas people who have no language.

I wrote that, but I wanted to do services for children. It is not interesting to simply handle kids bikes, and maybe it is meaningless because Daddy Mama is more detailed.For usSpray.bikeWhy don't you make an original kids bike with the original paint?

When I tried to write, I just got a request, so let me introduce it. Click here for before. I just bought it or brought it in a box.

After all that. Everything is similar for children's bicycles. Red -blue yellow. There are many easy colors.

a. Is it a helmet? I've never done it, but I'll try it.

I have done it.

"Humber"Based on the splatter"FLURO YELLOW" "FLURO GREEN" "FLURO MAGENTA"。 Further"FLAKE PIKAPIKA SILVER"I finished it. The helmet is the same color. a. Is it a handle and seat post? Good.

Do you want to include the name? Leave that font. Illustrations of palm trees. Hey. It's luxurious. But if you do it, it's more cute to do it. No, it's cute.

This time it is a little different because it is Morimori, but the cost is about 20,000 yen including the frame monochromatic paint assembly. The logo is an option. Delivery time can be about two weeks, but why do you have to do one of them one by one? What if it is popular?

It seems that children are as big as the next bitter gourd. Everyone is on a strider, but it will be with a pedal right away, right? There are many cases where you can drop from Mercari, mom friends and relatives, right? Please bring that kind of thing.

It's fun to choose a color with your child. What a dad can do your best and paint.


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