The parts are back in stock ~

Recently, there were many body blogs, so this time after a long time, I went to the parts blog.

As you may already know on Instagram, some of them are restocked at the top of Thomson.

Thomson X4 STEM ¥ 12,100-Tax included

Thomson Search Post ¥ 12,100-Tax included ~

Thomson TRAIL ALMINIUM RISER BAR ¥ 13,200-Tax included

Thomson Carbon Riser Bar ¥ 22,000-Tax included

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A well -known American brand that adopted air technology.

The product, which is made of aluminum shaving, has a great accuracy and strength, and is made with a focus on its appearance.

Perhaps nobody knows this brand or doesn't care.

The riser handle is quite popular regardless of aluminum or carbon, which is also available in small quantities.

Probably sold out immediately this time, so if you are aiming, please be as soon as possible.

SUGINO75 DD2 CRANK SET ¥ 99,000-tax included ~

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If you want to upgrade your crank, you will be a candidate once

Among them, here is a direct crank with a "ZEN" chain ring as standard.

It is overwhelmingly tough, and it is a perfect finish for those who ride the street.

"Crank" and "BB", which are also called the heart of the bicycle, are definitely not hurt, and I think it was good to change later.

Digirit Carbon COG ¥ 8,800-Tax included ~

Digirit Carbon Chain Ring ¥ 22,899-Tax included ~

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After changing the crank, the next thing I want to stick to is the chain ring and cog driving lift line.

These two parts are as close as possible to "true circles" and strong ones.

If it is cheap, the finish will be rough, the material will be brittle and it will be short of use.

Also, if the making is a little oval, the tension of the chain will not be uniform, so it is not good for foot burden and chain.

This DIGIRIT is close to the yen even though we have seen and used in various ways.

The durability is upgraded because the teeth are coated with titanium, and the sound of the chain is considerably reduced, closer to silence.

HKK Vertex Chain ¥ 3,520-tax included ~

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If you stick to this point, you have to stick the chain at the end.

So, let's finish with "Vertex" in BROTURES Harajuku.

This is a classic "NJS certification" chain, but it is still trusted.

There is no complaint about accuracy and durability, so if you get lost, you can use this. smile


Roughly this time, I introduced "Thomson & underbody" as the main, but the others are back in stock.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or message.

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