Nostalgic blue and my snack.

I received wine from an acquaintance
I noticed that I didn't have a wine opener because I don't usually drink wine at home
I bought a sommelier knife with a good feeling.

This is pretty good.
I've always loved Victorinox and detailed gimmicks.
What I want to play with forever.

Good evening!
But there is no wine glass at home. This is Miya.

Today we will deliver the 5th NJS enhancement project!

Panasonic NJS Custom Bike ¥ 364,700 (Intax)

I'm a little cold today,
The other day, the temperature rises to 29 degrees and when I go outside, my skin burns.
At once, it was cheerful that "summer came!"

The Panasonic introduced this time is characterized by a refreshing blue coloring that foresee the arrival of the summer.

The custom content looks like this.

Ritchey Comp 2x Flat Bar ¥ 4,800 (Intax)

First, from the handle.
Nowadays, riser bars disappear from all over the world.
Actually, there is still something cool.

No cut 700mm, which is necessary and sufficiently long at the beginning
The front is strong and easy to press on the ground and is outstanding handling.

Bar tape is the industry's monument, ""Lizard Sikins」。
This high grip toughness looks good.
it is perfect.

Thomson Elite X4 STEM SILVER ¥ 12,100 (Intax)

Thomson's 70mm is highly versatile with an almighty range that is not too long or too short
The most popular length among linaps.
The "0 degree" selected this time will reflect the angle of the column as it is, so it will be a somewhat standing setting.
If it is a combination with a flat bar, it is easy to ride this kind of elevation angle and is it realistic.

SUGINO SG75 CRANK ¥ 47,300 (Intax)

SUGINO MC144 CHAINRING ¥ 26,290 (Intax)

Probably after a long time on the BROTURES blog, "MC144".
Speaking of SUGINO, "NJS certified" "ZenMany people choose a chain ring
Not a bicycle race player, from the end of the end user
There is no way to choose this MC144, which has the same level of accuracy as Zen and is overwhelmingly lighter than Zen.
I personally recommend it from Zen.


Install the BROTURES custom classic, Schled 88, on the front and rear wheels.
The surprisingness of the high -tech steel frame and the high -tech carbon material is
It is no longer a standard and amazing compatibility as one equation.

As mentioned above, the custom introduction is around here.


The story is out
Tokyo is a mammoth city with a small population of 14 million.
45% of the population living in Tokyo, nearly half that
More than 6 million people are actually from rural areas.

Looking at this frame, what I imagined was "Natsuna Yasumi"
It looks like the clear blue sky I saw at that time and the shining shining in the summer sunshine.
I was impressed with where it was or rather still remaining.
The pure feeling behind the oblivion.

Even by sweating, even running with all my might, it suddenly became troublesome,
Looking at myself who has become an "adult",
It makes you feel sad nostalgic.

If you dare to say that you are from the countryside,
That memory of that season that everyone will have.
Or at the beginning of the Japanese memory hierarchy
This feeling may be engraved in the first place.

I think that there are many people who are in the Corona whirlpool and cannot return home with satisfaction.
Even the sweat that conveys 頰 is so comfortable that the summer ran pure innocently.
Why don't you remember it again over this frame?


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