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"Mate-X" of the electric bicycle that is attracting the most attention now

Wide tires are equipped with suspension before and after. It realizes overwhelming running performance not only in bad roads but also in urban areas.

Mate-X 250

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It is possible to customize such a unit at the BROTURES Harajuku store.

For example, around the steering.

In this way, there is no atmosphere with a normal flat bar. Therefore,

KINK REX BAR ¥ 11,000 (tax included)

Odyssey Raft Stem ¥ 9,460 (tax included)

Apply the BMX handle custom to change the looks like a more street -like appearance.

Because the visuality is even better than a normal handle, it is a recommended custom in terms of functional aspects.

And surprisingly, if you change this part, it will change to a sporty atmosphere.

Turbo 1980 SADDLE ¥ 10,340 (tax included)

Saddle. how is it? It is an ant personally because it has a narrow impression than the saddle originally attached.

Compatibility with BMX handle is also ◎

If it is a light custom like this, it can be returned on the day, and the work itself is about 1-2 hours.

Those who are already on Mate.bike. Those who are planning to purchase from now on.

By all means, make a custom to your liking and enjoy the cutting-edge e-bike! !

We accept purchases and consultations by telephone, email, and Instagram DM.

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