EIGHTHINCH Eisinch Scrambler Original Cus...

Born in Milwaukee, USA Fixed Bike brand [EIGHTHINCH] Eisinch The truck frame is in good shape.
$ Brotures harajuku
With 3 colors Simple and tube In addition, the head comes with a gazette (reinforcement material). It can also be used for flat tricks, The size development is also substantial. It is a perfect frame for city riding. And reasonable. The price is ¥ 24,150 From fork headset Seat clamp I will attach it to the seat post! Because the frame is reasonable Original custom completed car For affordable prices. The following specifications for 89,250 yen. You can choose the color of the frame, wheels and cranks.
$ Brotures harajuku
Because you can order color A special one for your own Would you like to make it? Produced by the factory manager of Harajuku I tried to assemble this one. Directed like an 80's English car with a thin rim.
Brotures Harajuku
BROOKS of genuine leather for the saddle
Brotures Harajuku
Wood grip on the promenade handle
Brotures Harajuku
Just an adult fixie! By the way, the finished car is $ 99,750 Enjoy various arrangements Eighthinch How about? Brotures Harajuku The web isHerefrom.
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