This winter fight.

If you wait, the end is fast. The real pleasure of this time, Ahraycat, ended yesterday.

As I said many times, this race is not just a running competition. It is a medley that struggles with the understanding of the variety and the stomach to greatly affect the victory or losing.

Last night's highlights, everyone will be worried. Please see with the photo.

Soo, Haer. Watch Array Cat on Yokohama.

The place was cut off at Yokohama and elephant's nose park.

The leading role of tonight gathering on a quiet night. The clear air and cold inspire the riders.

Come on, about the position.

Start with a backward dash backwards! ! There is no words surreal.

Get my chari and run around quickly. Looking for meat, ... Last night, the meat buns would have disappeared from Yokohama Chinatown and convenience stores.

The last fort waiting for the returned warriors. Gluttony.

A figure that lined up a large amount of meat and cheeks intently. There is no surreal or commentary.

While some dropouts have appeared, players who succeeded in a complete meal appear one after another.

Come on, the final round. The result is announced for those who have earned more points!

A wonderful smile by the champion who can choose the prize in hand. Rivals praise new winners.

It was a wonderful race this year. Comedy touch is familiar every time. It was a night that I enjoyed so much that I couldn't feel the temperature of cold.

I can't wait for a new winner next year.

If you are a little confident in leg strength, food power, and variety power, we will be named next year.

Then, next time, to be content ....


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