Just King of King

Hello everyone, GORI is shocked by knowing the dissolution of V6 in the morning news.

Once again, today's blog is a franchise piste bike of Leader®︎.

Introducing a King of Street body with a royal road custom of 735TR!

I think "king" exists in every category

Speaking of my favorite NBA, as an active player, LeBron James, still standing on the coat,

There is a player called King LeBron.

This play is just KING.

LeBron and Wade's Aliiopdunk, which supported the golden age of the heat era, are extremely good, so

If you don't know the basketball, please take a look.

The story has derailed quite a bit, but let's go to the main 735TR custom introduction!


Leader® 735TR completed car ¥ 203,500-tax included

Leader® 735TR "King of Street" Custom ¥ 517,000-- Tax included

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Leader 735TR, which runs around in the city of Tokyo like KING, like LeBron

Even if it is a finished car, it has the best coolness.

However, if you want more coolness, you have to do this.

When I was in high school, I saw a car body with custom wheels before and after, like this custom, and then in Harajuku.

The shock at that time remains strongly.

This car body, which gathers the gaze of the city just by putting it on, is sure to be a longing for.


Let's look at custom parts that support King.

BROTURES T3 Front ¥ 99,000-tax included

BROTURES SHRED88 ¥ 64,900-Tax included

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It is definitely the wheels that support King's rugged and masculine appearance.

The front T3 is a piste bike ride, as well as roads, crosses, and those who do not have the body yet longing, once longing.

It is a three -baton wheel made of full carbon material.

The small number of spokes reduces aerodynamic resistance, creates gyro rotation in the direction of travel, and finds running performance.

On the other hand, the rear wheel is set with a thick deep rim of SHRED88.

88mm rim hats are the best for down tubes of 735TR, so I wonder if this choice can only be considered.

Because it is the original, it adopts a blade type for spokes.

This also suppresses the air resistance applied when the wheel rotates.

By using carbon wheels, it will definitely reduce the weight of the vehicle body weight, so it will be finished in a car body that is good at acceleration.


ROTOR VEGAST crank set ¥ 73,040-tax included

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Choose Rotor Vegast for the crank, which is the key to running.

This direct crank that uses 6000s aluminum, a lightweight aluminum material, is

Because it is excellent in rigidity and can convey the power with good response, it proceeds.

To be honest, you can use this crank set with genuine,

If you change the BB to Wish Bone, the slope will be the ease of running so that it is a flat road.

I used Wish Bone for the crank of SRAM OMNIUM, but I was surprised at the change in performance.


Although it is a royal road, this combination is cool on 735TR.

Attracting the viewer, there is a strong impact that you will never forget once you see it.

I think this finish, which is definitely the fastest on the street, will shine the most in the city.

As a new means of transportation, bicycles are still featured, so please run out of one of your commitments and rush out!

We, BROTURES Harajuku, will also back up everyone, so we look forward to your consultation.




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